Updated Brush of Shinya's gallery!

【New Japanese Sales Tax from October 1st 2019】
Just a quick note to let everyone know about Japan's increase in sales tax. From October 1st 2019, the Japanese government has increased sales tax from 8% to 10%. So if you have a tattoo with us after October 1st (even if you made a booking BEFORE September 30th) the sales tax is 10%.
We haven't increased our prices, we pay the whole 10% to the Japanese government directly as tax. If you have any questions at all about this please mail me at
Thanks for reading!

Updated Animals of Eiji's gallery!

Updated plants of Haruka's gallery!

Updated tattoo & art of Mizuki's gallery!

Now open, Zuke's gallery. He is currently studying tattooing techniques mainly for his calligraphy works as an apprentice. He is accepting reservation, at discount from our usual prices, for calligraphy tattoos or designs. If you are interested in working on a design or tattoo with him, please feel free to contact us.

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Updated tattoo and art of Masa's gallery!

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